It’s Our 48th Anniversary.

Herbs Etc.   October 1, 2019   Comments Off on It’s Our 48th Anniversary.

ballons2Making the highest-quality herbal medicines is what we do for you, our health-conscious customer. We start by using our years of herbalist training to identify and select the best herbs for each of our herbal medicines. We use fresh herbs, when the formulation demands fresh. When the formulation demands dried herbs, we buy the herb whole and grind it ourselves. By grinding whole dried herbs ourselves, we know the powder has not been adulterated.

The machinery we use doesn’t exist, except here at Herbs, Etc. We either tweak the machines that are available for purchase or have what we need built to our specifications. The processes we use are proprietary and all produce the same result – retaining the most active constituents. By doing so, Herbs, Etc. provides you with the most potent herbal medicines, in either softgel or liquid extract formats.

Speaking of softgels, we are the only herbal medicine manufacturer who encapsulates our own softgels. We also laser engrave each softgel with the name of the herbal medicine. We do all of this to safeguard our product and you.

Herbs, Etc. lives its unwavering philosophy to not skimp or compromise. We do what’s right, not what’s expedient or cost saving, to bring you herbal medicines made rightä.

First Ever – Month-Long Anniversary Savings for You

 For the entire month of October, you get 15% off everything at!

That means all of our herbal formulations, vitamins and supplements are at anniversary sale prices.

Also, if you are shipping to an address in the United States, your order of $35 or more entitles you to free shipping.

Get a jump on the holidays with some herbal medicines for you, your family and your friends. With winter around the corner and spring not far behind, seasonal needs can be purchased at great savings.

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Happy anniversary savings to all!

Herbally yours,

Daniel Gagnon, owner