Eustress versus Distress

Herbs Etc.   November 1, 2017   Comments Off on Eustress versus Distress

Eustress vs DistressPositive stress is called Eustress. It can give an extra burst of adrenaline to help you accomplish goals and meet deadlines. Eustress provides mental alertness, motivation, and efficiency. Eustress can increase self-esteem. The way you perceive stress affects its impact on your health. People who view stressful situations as chances for growth usually avoid stress-related symptoms. In that sense, stress can be beneficial.

Negative stress is called Distress. It occurs when your body cannot return to a relaxed state even in the absence of the stressor. Physical signs of distress include: changes in eating or sleeping patterns, weakness, dizziness, frequent headaches, neck and back pain, and frequent colds and infections. Emotional signs of distress include: persistent hostile or angry feelings, increased frustration with minor annoyances, nervousness, lack of concentration, anxiety, and depression.