Why All the BUZZ About Adaptogens?

Herbs Etc.   May 2, 2018   Comments Off on Why All the BUZZ About Adaptogens?

Why all the Buzz About AdaptogensEvery once in a while, a wellness trend comes along that gets everyone
excited. Usually, it’s something that seems new and sexy, but is also based
in the mystical realm of centuries-old medicine. We’ve seen it happen with everything from rose water to quinoa, but right now the number-one crush is

Adaptogens’ biggest super power? They protect the body from the toxic effects of stress, which is a top health concern of our time. They might seem totally of-the-moment, but they have been used for centuries in some folklore and in Eastern medicine. The term, adaptogen, was actually coined by the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Health back in 1947.

Adaptogens refer to a class of herbs and mushrooms that offer heavy duty support for the body’s natural resistance to stress. Adaptogenic herbs protect and increase the fundamental energies at your core. They enhance your ability to handle stress, strengthen general resistance to challenges, and improve mental focus. Siberian Eleuthero is the poster child for adaptogens. Taken long-term, it fosters robust, exceptional health. It also improves your performance and work capacity, whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, professional athlete, restaurant owner, or human resources manager.